Mobile Advertising on Abomakgereza Trolleys
Empowering Abomakgereza
Recycling a wide variety of Recyclables
  • Abomakgereza

    It is estimated about 60 000 informal waste collectors roam around the streets of South Africa collecting what you and I typically throw away. Abomakgereza is a flagship social enterprise of Unconventional Media that addresses some of the challenges these waste collectors face daily. We provide safer waste trolleys to waste collectors that also double-up as mobile billboards where companies can sponsor branded messages.

    Social Impact

    We see the sponsorship through the branding of the trolleys as a way for us and our partners to be catalysts for positive social changes. To take a step further, we also provide training and mentorship to Abomakgereza so they can gain skills to formalise their trade.

  • Event Clean-Ups

    We provide waste management services at events where we give waste pickers who are part of the Abomakgereza project work opportunities by providing provide cleaning services at these events. This enables Abomakgereza to earn additional income over and above what they normally earn.


    The waste collectors who are part of the Abomakgereza project also share in advertising profits received from the sponsorship of the branded messages on the waste trolleys.